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99 cents

Long “trailers” from Aisle Seat Books.

  • A free (or $0.99) look at the first half-hour or so of a dozen great Movie Length Tales™

National Security Dad
When a highly-dedicated CIA operative returns to suburbia to raise his two daughters, an old enemy and a small army of fanatics follows him, forcing him to fight for his family while protecting the new life he is trying to build.

A young girl is raised by the assassins who killed her family. When she comes of age, she becomes their next target.

The Coven
When a young man and his peaceful community of people with magical powers escape from the Salem witch trials on a ship, he learns that some of his group are guilty of practicing the dark arts. When these evil people break off and become the most blood-thirsty pirates on the open seas—and take his beloved with them—he must set off to rescue his love and defeat his former comrades.

Lifeboat, 2028
After a nuclear war destroys the Earth, seven passengers trapped in the world’s first space elevator must put aside personal and cultural differences to try to reach a fledgling colony on Mars.

Twice Upon a Time
An unhappy elderly woman on the verge of death is given the opportunity to go back to when she was twenty years old and live her life over again. Is she destined to make the same choices or will she wind up happier than her first time through?

The Middle World
While still young professors at Oxford, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis discover a portal to a mythological world and journey on an adventure that will inspire their masterpieces of fantasy.

The Sleep of Reason
A riveting prequel to the Dracula story. After his bride disappears on their European honeymoon, a man traces her to a castle ruin in the Carpathian mountains, and confronts its undead inhabitants, determined to restore her to life and bring her home. An apocalyptic war of Good versus Evil.

The Bastard
The illegitimate brother of the Spanish king spends his life in an epic quest for acceptance, fighting great battles abroad and struggling against his resentful half brother at home, until, with his goal almost in reach, he is at last forced to choose between love and glory.

Crime Beat
A New York crime reporter, the son of a former Police Commissioner, pursues a serial killer until he has to choose between identifying the killer and unmasking a secret his father meant to take to his grave.

The Argentine Job
When a former Delta Force soldier reluctantly agrees to take on one last job for the CIA, he should have known that stealing from al Qaeda wouldn’t be easy.

Dancaster’s Pardon
Captured and forced into labor in a French castle, an English archer with a checkered past escapes when his French lover shows him a weakness in the castle wall. She gets caught in the process, and now he and his renegade mates must retake the castle to save her.