Gray’s Venison Cookbook

A Menu Cookbook

by Rebecca Gray

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Gray's Venison Cookbook


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This handy little cookbook packs an amazing number of delicious meals into its 102 pages. It just might be the only venison cookbook you’ll ever use.

From Venison Black Bean Chili to Venison Burgers with Chateaubriand Butter, from Venison Stew with Artichoke Hearts and Sun-dried Tomatoes to Venison Calzone, you’ll have all the elegant choices you need.

And those are just the main courses. Matched to each of them is a full dinner menu, including dessert!

From the Expert Editor for Game and Wild Edibles for the Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition

Basics? You bet. How about Venison Strip Steaks or Venison Stew or Venison Steak with Wild Mushrooms or Venison Chops with Basil Cream? They’re all there, and more, each recipe a personal favorite of Rebecca Gray, the Expert Editor for Game and Wild Edibles for the Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition

Selected from the pages of Rebecca Gray’s masterful The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook these full-course venison menus run the gamut from quick-and-easy to elegant-and-expert. Peppered with anecdotes and detailed instructions and capped with a full chapter on game care from the field to the table, Gray’s Venison Cookbook is a complete cookbook in a very compact size.

We’re so sure you’ll like this cookbook, we’ll even send you one of its full menus to try out first. Take a look at the “Contents” pages in the “Look Inside” feature below, decide which menu you want to try out, then go here to order your free sample.

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