The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook

A Menu Cookbook

by Rebecca Gray

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The New Gray's Wild Game Cookbook



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“Game is ultimately the most American ingredient, the only possible food capable of establishing itself as a defining element in a true American cuisine.” So writes Rebecca Gray in the Preface of The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook, and for the next 61 menus and 180 individual recipes she gives us what amounts to a celebration of wild game as the ultimate gourmet food. Here, in abundance, is the joy and exhilaration of preparing exquisitely matched accompaniments to beautifully prepared main dishes of venison, wild fowl, upland birds and other choice meats brought to the table by the North American hunter. Laid to rest, through anecdote, personal experience and technical exposition, is any vestige of the intimidation a cook might feel when faced with a fresh-caught fish or just-bagged bird.

Extensively revised and updated from the original, The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook, in addition to separate, menu-filled chapters on Venison, Water Fowl, Upland Birds and Mixed Bag (a collection of menus for such diverse prizes as wild sheep, mountain goat, bear, wild boar and rabbit), contains detailed and stylishly-written chapters on Game Care (not the usual field-dressing and cutting instructions, but a carefully-researched and wittily-presented discussion of what matters most to the cook) and A Few Suggestions (advice and opinion that respects the reader’s own experience while passing along thirty years of absorbed interest in fine preparation of tasteful wild game meals).

“Becky Gray’s cooking is to die for-as any number of birds, animals, and fish will tell you. And hush, you vegans, these critters were pleased and proud to wind up on Becky’s stove. When our time comes, be so lucky to get such respectful memorial feasts.

Becky Gray is Martha Stewart with a shotgun.”

–P.J. O’Rourke

Finally, Rebecca Gray, in her chapter called There’s More to a Menu Than the Game, takes all of the menus in the book and categorizes them for the reader according to their utility and character, placing them under such headings as “Menus for After a Day of Hunting,” “Menus for the Great Outdoors,” “Menus That are Ooh La La,” “Menus for People Who Have Never Eaten Game and Don’t Eat Things that Walk Sideways or Grow in the Dark,” “Just for the Two of You,” “And to Feed an Army or a Hunting Party …” A comprehensive and useful index completes this necessary addition to any serious game cook’s collection.

The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook treats wild game in its truest and broadest context. Wild game is that rarest of culinary ingredients: something that, quite literally, money cannot buy. Rebecca Gray knows this, and every recipe here celebrates it.

So will anyone lucky enough to be served its menus.

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