Ed Gray

Ed Gray

I’ve been in the story business — writing, editing, and publishing — since 1975.

That’s the year Becky and I founded Gray’s Sporting Journal. We and our partners sold it in 1989 and it’s still going strong, though maybe not as focused as I’d have liked — it has fewer stories in it now.

The ones we published were all good, some of them astonishingly so. We found and published Annie Proulx, long before she went on to the Pulitzer Prize and the Oscars, and many others, not so famous now but every bit as good. In 1987 we published Tales From Gray’s: Selections from Gray’s Sporting Journal, 1975-1985 in hardcover, and I was recently delighted to find it still available on Amazon .

Another story altogether presented itself in 2005 when the family of Mark Felt announced in Vanity Fair that he had been “Deep Throat,” the (in)famous secret source behind Woodward and Bernstein’s All the President’s Men. My father had been Felt’s boss during Watergate. He was L. Patrick Gray III, the man who became acting director of the FBI when J. Edgar Hoover died in May 1972, six weeks before the Watergate break-in. My father and I had worked together on his memoir for a few years after Watergate but had shelved it when my father decided to let it all recede behind him. The Vanity Fair announcement changed his mind (he was outraged), so we rekindled the memoir. Just a few weeks later cancer took my father, so I finished it for him, adding a couple of updates at the end. In Nixon’s Web: A Year in the Crosshairs of Watergate was published in 2008.

In 2009, Becky and I formed Graybooks LLC. All books this time. Haven’t sold it yet. Don’t expect to. It’s too much fun. (Sometimes too much work but that’s another, well, story.)

Alongside the editing and publishing, I’ve never stopped writing. A dozen or so books, a slew of magazine pieces, some screenplays, a hard drive full of unfinished stories.

And now a novel, the first of several to come.

So, welcome. Thanks for being here.